This Valentines Day allow us to fill your cup with gratitude, and a hopeful future.

Lovingly handcrafted muslin crystal from Lobmeyr, a 6th generation family business, from our family to you.


Drinking set no.267 "Alpha" by Lobmeyr

Hans Harald Rath designed the "Alpha" set in 1952. Thanks to their compact, balanced features the glasses lie beautifully in the hand. The shape was inspired by a Baroque copper cup from the collections of the MAK Vienna, itself influenced by Islamic works. Reflecting the lifestyle of the 50s, the glasses are fully stackable. Finest muslin glass, mouth-blown into wooden forms, provides for their elegance. In 1964 the series was awarded the German National Design Prize "Gute Form".


Drinking Set No. 267 "Alpha"

Candy Dishes

Originally designed for presentation at the 1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Flower Vase BV60

Designed by Stefan Rath in 1955.

Metropolitan Chandelier

Most famously employed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Historic Lobmeyr storefront in Vienna

Legacy & Lobmeyr

Since 1823, the glass dynasty Lobmeyr has proved to be one of the most innovative and renowned in the Austrian industry. Rather than limiting himself to the role of glass merchant, its founder Josef Lobmeyr, exclusive supplier to the Imperial court, invested and developed new designs and manufacturing techniques. In addition to a client list including the King of Belgium and Archduke of Franz Ferdinand, they co-developed the first electric chandelier with Thomas Edison in 1880. Their legacy continues within the family- Lobmeyr is run by Josef’s descendants out of the original store front in Vienna.

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