Man of Parts

A term for a person of many talents and endeavours, a Man of Parts explores, questions, and evolves. No longer constrained by borders, styles, or roles, they seek out a diversity of perspectives.

Man of Parts is a postnational brand with design that reflects inspiration from around the world. We're open-minded by design.

Design Minds

Great design minds think differently. Yabu Pushelberg, Sebastian Herkner, Philippe Malouin, Osvaldo Tenorio and Victoria Wilmotte bring a diversity of points of view to our collection.

Our Design

Postnational - Cross-cultural designs take inspiration from different cultures, materials and crafts. We don’t adhere to a singular national or design ethos.

Organic Modernism - Reduced lines and adornment paired with soft curves and warm materials. The hard angles and stark colours of minimalism are not hallmarks of our marque.

Richly Subtle - Quietly confident pieces use deep colours, rich finishes, unexpected details and contrasting elements to create interest not competition. Never ostentatious or avant-garde, our pieces fit within your context and don’t need to shout to be hear.

Our Service

Problem Solving - We aim to help make the purchase process pleasurable with tools like configurators that help you visualize your piece from more than a small sample. 

Transparent - Upfront information on pricing, product suitability and timing.

Civil and Considerate - We concentrate on making pieces right instead of putting up a fight when things aren’t what they should be.

Immediate Gratification - Stock of key products available and new product releases are ready to buy “off the runway” straight away not in a year after they’ve been previewed.


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