TRIBU elevates the outdoor experience. Exclusive, modern, outdoor furniture: this is the field of distinction of Belgian design house Tribù. In the early nineties, Tribù was a pioneer of the philosophy that the terrace and garden should be seen as extensions of the house. Strengthened by its years of experience, this family-run design house has grown to become an internationally acclaimed brand. Luxury outdoor furniture from Tribù is now distributed in more than 60 countries and belongs to the best in the industry.

Built to Withstand

Weather treated, and tested for years before introduction, the materials are made to withstand the harsh Canadian environment.

Made to Mix

Whether you're after a new or classic design, pieces from different collections can be mixed together creating a space that’s curated to your taste that’s cohesive.

Natural Inspiration

Whether it’s ensuring working conditions for our weavers in Indonesia are up to standard, making packaging eco-friendly, or innovating natural-looking and feeling materials, it’s only natural that Tribù is committed to ethical business practices and a respect for nature.

Immediate Inventory

While you will enjoy it well into the future, you won’t have to wait long to experience it for yourself. We have a fully stocked warehouse ready for you, so you can begin planning your summer functions.


Contact one of our outdoor experts to consult with you on your unique requirements.



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