With USM Haller, there are no limits to your creativity – either at home or in the office. Each person and environment has its own needs and USM offers you the possibility to customize endless furnishing solutions to suit – whether you’re creating a productive environment for a young workforce, or trying to keep pace with a growing family in an urban space. The flexible nature of the system ensures that the furniture adapts to life with you.

Future Proof Flexiblity

USM has kept its products in production for over 50 years so you can trust that your components will be available when you need to adjust your pieces.

Concept & Planning Assistance

Give us your objectives and design likes and we can craft a detailed plan that considers all the finer elements.


Design your own solution to start the conversation with us on the online configurator. Note, prices are in USD.  

Quick Ship

The fastest way to get your space fitted. Take advantage of the most popular configurations and colours.

Solutions for Every Room

From custom wardrobes and entertainment units, to mobile bar carts, to fully fitted office plans, USM can be configured to fit what you need it to do.


Contact our dedicated expert to consult with you on your unique requirements.


Stacey Foley