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Designers Forest & Giaconia delicately rendered the geometry of this dining table to convey lightness and grace, in keeping with the naturalist aesthetic of the Delcourt Collection. The balanced placement of the legs, along with the gently sloping angles of the tabletop, evokes the pastoral and eternal. Made of solid oak, available in various finishes, this is one of our warmest and most sensual tables.

Forest & Giaconia

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Oak in Various Finishes
260cm W x 120cm D x 74cm H
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Design Story

Forest & Giaconia

Forest & Giaconia

Curious of every contemporary thing, Clémentine Giaconia and Frédéric Forest cultivate a discreet elegance which can even be found at their studio/office in Paris 7th Arrondissement. A work space the duo adopted for its great bay windows, its beautiful light, its calm. "It is like our second home, we go there with just as much pleasure during the week as on Sunday afternoons, Clémentine confides." An improvised console shelters a few mockups, a scented candle, some books. A sofa invites us to an informal conversation. There is here something almost domestic. But one should not be mistaken: Clémentine and Frédéric’s studio actually is den to two workaholic, curious of everything and of a rare preciseness, in their outlook as well as in their approach.

Their ambition?

To enable for their clients a global vision, and that writing which one, of course, feels nurtured by travels, readings, exhibitions… but also, and foremost, a fair observation of their time, its expectations and their interlocutors.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Forest & Giaconia pieces.

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