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Celebrated designer Ashley Botten was inspired by the versatile functionality of the apple box, a staple item on film sets across the world, and innovated on its utility to create this compelling and distinctive side table. Each apple box table is completed by a totally unique hand-selected stone top of Capolavoro stone or Etruscan Rose marble. The APPLE BOX side table is elegant and wholly original, and will add a note of whimsy and beauty to any refined interior décor.

Ashley Botten

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Shou Sugi Ban Ash Leathered Capolavoro Stone
46cm W x 46cm D x 30.5cm H
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Ashley Botten

Ashley Botten

Drawing inspiration from the worlds of architecture, art, food and fashion, Ashley Botten creates thought-provoking, authentic spaces – family homes, multi-generational retreats, inspiring workspaces – people instinctively want to experience. Ashley Botten also commissions and creates distinctive custom furnishings, highly personalized pieces that add a rich emotional current to every room. Founded in 2004, Ashley Botten Design is based in Toronto but at work around the world.


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