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The ingenious AVENIDA PAULISTA side table plays with our sense of light and shadow, balance and form, inhabiting the overlap between art and design. Multidisciplinary Brazilian artist and furniture designer Simone Coste rendered this distinct T-shape from methacrylate in a variety of complementary and contrasting colours. This unique and contemporary piece makes a sculptural and functional addition to any refined interior space.

Simone Coste

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Solid Acrylic Resin in Various Colours
35cm W x 35cm D x 51cm H
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Design Story

Simone Coste

Simone Coste

Brazilian Simone Coste is a multidisciplinary artist, jewelry and furniture designer. Contemporary, philosophical and timeless, she permeates all forms of art. Printing a unique style that can be felt in all hear creations Simone builds forms through her inside universe in bronze, stones, resin, and other special materials. “I define my work as spiritual, an internal calling with the result delivering a truly sensory experience” - Simone Coste

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