Ideal for both floors and walls, the elegant ridged surface of BAMBOO evokes the clean and simple lines of the tree it was named after. The fluidity of its lines brings a restful and harmonious touch to environments from bathrooms to lobby spaces, from living rooms to spa areas.

Created in 2003 by Gabriele Salvatori and his father, Alfredo, BAMBOO is a perennial favourite thanks to its simplicity and versatility. Priced by Square Foot.

Gabriele Salvatori

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Grigio Versilia Marble
1cm W x 29.3cm D x 58.6cm H
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Design Story

Gabriele Salvatori

Gabriele Salvatori

Gabriele Salvatori became involved in his father’s company from an early age. He would spend summers at the factory and, as he had been sent to England to study English, I would go with his parents to trade shows abroad. A bold move by his parents that paid off, throwing him in at the deep end into the industry – a child could have discovered he hated that world, that it wasn’t going to be his path. As it happened, he fell in love.

Salvatori was one of the last people to be called up for military service in Italy. After returning, he knew he wanted to join the company officially and so as a sales manager. During his sales travels, meeting with clients, he developed a real passion for design and started to suggest some ideas to his father – stones and textures that he hadn’t seen anywhere else. They produced several prototypes and, in 2003, launched Bamboo, their first textured surface. It’s now a best seller.

Gabriele Salvatori is currently CEO of Salvatori.

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