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This sturdy tabletop is supported by a playfully organic leg design, creating an exceptionally unique and durable side table. The BUI, designed by Jean-Paul Tortil for the Delcourt Collection, celebrates and highlights the beauty of the oak, available in various finishes. This classic and handsome piece adds warmth and authenticity to any interior space.

Jean-Pierre Tortil

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Oak in Various Finishes Oak in Various Finishes
34.5cm H x 70cm Diam
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Design Story

Jean-Pierre Tortil

Jean-Pierre Tortil

Interior designer, scenographer, designer… Jean-Pierre Tortil is a complete artist. He is also and foremost a hard worker and a true passionate of know-how and innovation. Jean-Pierre exercised his talents in various galleries specializing in decorative arts and furniture, as well as at Ecart International… after a defining encounter with the immense Andrée Putman. In the early 2000s, Christophe Delcourt’s and his own paths cross in the workshop of the artisans both men collaborate with, without even knowing it. A coincidence which will give birth to a piece that has now become emblematic of the maison d’édition’s catalog : the YBU table.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Jean-Pierre Tortil pieces. 

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