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Founded in 1997, The Rug Company has endeavoured to create the most desirable rugs in the world. Combining the ancient craft of rug making with the creative brilliance of some of today’s most talented designers. Gosling takes inspiration from the Deco panelled walls of the 1930s for the design of the DECO BORDER. Classical in its proportions, the rug is characterised by its iconic Art Deco motif; a stepped design featuring rich bronze lines repeated and indented at the corners.

Tim Gosling

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Handknotted Tibetan Wool and Silk
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Design Story

Tim Gosling

Tim Gosling

Tim Gosling’s design company, Gosling, offers a bespoke service of design and furniture that has style and longevity.

Gosling's commitment to artisanal craft permeates through every aspect of his work, reflecting The Rug Company’s own dedication to quality and traditional craftsmanship, values which are discovered in his rug collection.

Gosling's passion for the Art Deco movement in London has inspired his rug designs, using design language born out of a sense of architecture and history.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Tim Gosling pieces.

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