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Through a deep exploration and comprehensive design process, each Bespoke Obumex Kitchen project is unique and fully made-to-measure, with no detail left untouched.
Glenn Sestig’s kitchen concept for Obumex is a sculptural feat and pushes the conventional boundaries of what a kitchen can be. “Most contemporary kitchen designs are dominated by horizontal lines. We break through this cliché with a vertical volume, a strong architectural statement,” says Sestig. To facilitate this, he created a raw minimalistic sculpture in titanium travertine that stealthily hides the classical functions. “A fully-equipped cocktail cabinet is hidden here,” he says. “My sculptural kitchen design creates a visual division of the open space, for example in city apartments, lofts or penthouses," functioning simultaneously as kitchen, dinner table, bar, and space divider.

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Glenn Sestig

Glenn Sestig, born in 1968 in Ghent, Belgium, graduated from the Henri Van De Velde institute in Antwerp and in 1999 established his practice. From the outset, his work focused on extreme precision, on a construction with such mastery of the architectural line, proportions and perspective that it is easy to forget the careful consideration that will have gone into his design and creation. In addition to the material and its interpretation, transparency and the play of reflection suggest rather than illustrate the endeavors that have resulted in the real grandeur of some projects, primarily places for public use.

The work of Glenn Sestig Architects can be seen as monolithic and intuitive but always with a strong refined architectural identity. The cohesion or even clash between different exclusive and unique materials elevates this identity. Therefore the architect uses his own method of calculation, a sort of mental model from which flow the intelligence, equilibrium and soul of a place. Each completed work is considered as a minor work of art wherein art, fashion and music are essential sources of inspiration. The architecture is no longer a movement in time but becomes a declaration of a clear architectural vocabulary.

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