Noon 5


True to the Zeitraum Bavarian alpine sensibility, the Noon suspended lighting series from El Schmid was inspired by a geometrical abstraction of natural branch forms. The five rigidly constructed textile shades are available in black, white, light grey, or warm grey, with a base in black or white powder-coated iron. The NOON 5 yields soft and inviting light for any interior space.

El Schmid

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Black Powder Coated Frame Lampshade in Black, White, Warm Grey, or Light Grey exterior with White interior
146cm W x 88cm D x 99cm H
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Design Story

El Schmid

El Schmid

His life defines his design. El Schmid is a Hispanophile; however, he was born in 1953 in Austria. He started designing using metal during his handicraft apprenticeship. He completed his Master of Handicraft in Munich using the materials brass, bronze and silver.

He then studied graphic design, wrote a fantastic thesis on the subject of “Corporate Identity Design” and escaped after his agency experience and advertising later on.

In 1981 he founded the “Schmid & Stemmann” design manufactory with his partner in Munich. He worked in his own master workshop making individual pieces made from raw iron and pure metals for 10 years. By exploiting the material qualities he influenced the Munich design scene in a ground-breaking way during this time.

“My aim today for my work is to create long-lasting good design with a unique character using master handicraft detail work.”

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