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Coffee Tables
Why should a table be square or round? Probably because we are used to those shapes. The OUT OF LINE table collection has introduced an out-of-the-ordinary furniture concept. With a deliberate choice of materials, this collection creates a sculptural identity for the room, reinforcing the surrounding interior with gentle contours. The cement-based plaster technique is applied with true understanding of the product. This process requires several layers to create the table’s final effect. The use of this plaster was a well-considered choice. The natural, imperfect character of this material emphasises our design and the characteristic organic lines that define it. Available in a variety of table styles and dimensions. 

Bieke Casteleyn

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Cement-Based Plaster or Marble
L 162 cm W 81 cm H 35 cm
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Design Story

Bieke Casteleyn

Bieke Casteleyn

Bieke Casteleyn is an interior designer with a passion for refinement and innovation. These ideas have been part of her philosophy since she gained her Master’s in Interior Design from Sint Lucas School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium, followed by training in product design in Milan.

In 2015 she established her eponymous brand and launched the first collection, Out of Line. Her approach is defined by the central idea of approaching things from a different perspective.

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