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PUKALU reimagines Van Rossum's classic Pukka table for the most contemporary of settings, combining organic shapes with a sleek aluminium base. Designed by Marlieke van Rossum, PUKALU grounds every dining experience in sensory pleasure and comfort.

Marlieke Van Rossum

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Casted Aluminum Solid French Oak or Walnut
160cm W x 130cm D x 75cm H
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Design Story

Marlieke Van Rossum

Marlieke Van Rossum

Close to nature and at the heart of life, designs from Marlieke Van Rossum have found their way to a wide variety of interiors for over 30 years. The handmade pieces combine timeless elegance with durable functionality.

Van Rossum's furniture is full of character using only the highest quality European oak, creating distinct and unique pieces of furniture that cannot belie its natural origins.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Marlieke Van Rossum pieces.

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