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In Vienna in the aftermath of World War I, metal was hard to come by, so one designer made do creating small, witty, whimsical accessories and decorative objects. This sculpture is one of Carl Auböck’s most famous, as it was called either “The Optimist” or “The Pessimist” depending which way it was facing. This piece adds warmth, personality, and a sense of whimsy to any room.

Carl Auböck

$795 CAD

Brass Patina
10cm H
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Design Story

Carl Auböck

Carl Auböck

Taking over his father's metal smith business in 1929, Carl Auböck II created iconic sculptural, yet functional objects with a whimsical appeal. Known for his witty approach, at times he would disguise the actual use of his objects by their form, such is the case with a large skeleton key that unscrews to reveal a corkscrew, or an over sized brass paperclip.

As time went on, it was inherent that his son also shared the same passion for design as he did. Auböck III had spent some years studying at MIT and traveling abroad, meeting a rank of influential designers such as Walter Gropius, Herbert Bayer, and Charles and Ray Eames. Through his agency, Carl Auböck achieved international status. They collaborated with Hermès and Pierre Cardin, and their designs became available at major department stores such as Tiffany & Co., Saks, and Neiman Marcus. Auböck III was an industrial designer and practicing architect throughout his career. He was prepared for the company’s expansion and was eager to produce on a large scale, bringing furniture and applied arts into the repertoire of the workshop. Those who collect Auböck designs take great pleasure in using them; they incite both intrigue and logic, bringing delight to the simplest of tasks. While the workshop ascribed to the modern ethos of form and function, there always remained an element of humour and Old World craft, giving the collection an unexpected charm.

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