Untitled (Grey, Yellow, C), 1971


An accomplished architect by trade, artist Maximilian Weishaupt was most prolific between 1977-1982, creating many works that reflected his deep interest in the Concrete Art movement, with a strong emphasis on the sensuous experience of shape and colour. Weishaupt’s prints, equally enjoyed in pairs or triptychs as on their own, are bold and expressive, often with a focus on geometric form.

Inspired by Weishaupt’s lifelong philanthropic endeavors, a portion of each sale will be donated to WeForest in support of reforestation projects in Malawi.

Maximilian Weishaupt

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Brushed Aluminum Screenprint on Watercolour Paper
55cm W x 71cm D
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Design Story

Maximilian Weishaupt

Maximilian Weishaupt

Maximilian Weishaupt was born in 1949 in Schwendi, Germany, the third child of Sofie and Max Weishaupt.

At the age of 17 he attended an exhibition of works by German artist Günter Fruhtrunk in Munich, Germany. This visit deepened his interest in art, particularly of works belonging to the Concrete Art movement in which a strong emphasis is placed on the sensuous experience of shape and colour.

Although he always exercised his creative streak during his school years and later at university, Maximilian Weishaupt nevertheless chose sociology as his major, followed by architectural studies. He graduated in 1977 with a degree in architecture. Upon graduation, however, he returned to his first passion and worked as a free-lance artist, creating many paintings, prints, and sculptures.

In 1982 he put his paintbrushes aside, working as an architect henceforth and focusing on collecting art. Over the years he and his wife Agathe amassed a well-founded collection of art by international artists, focusing on Concrete Art, whilst also functioning as patrons of art.

Maximilian Weishaupt passed away in Munich in 2018.

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