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Letter from the Editor

As we welcome a new year, I am filled with gratitude and excitement. Though our world presents its share of challenges, the unwavering resilience, creativity, and renewed aspirations within our industry continually drive progress and refine practices. Collectively we are setting the stage for a promising year ahead.

A steadfast pillar over the years has been the invaluable relationships we've cultivated with our partners. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate strengthening these ties with esteemed brands such as Delcourt Collection, Tribu, Bruno Moinard, Man of Parts —brands that mirror our dedication to quality and sustainability. We are also privileged to continue showing new designs from Van Rossum, Etel, Wittman, and Michael Verheyden. Recognizing the importance of innovative design, we're thrilled to unveil offerings from diverse new entities like 6:AM, Zanat, Atelier001, and Bieke Casteleyn.

With a committed team working fervently to deliver a seamless experience, and in alignment with our partners, I eagerly anticipate exploring new horizons alongside each of you, our cherished clients.

Warmly, Stephan Weishaupt

Tribù 2024 Collection


Bespoke Design

Our collaborative approach to design services ensures every project is a seamless blend of artistry and functionality, delivering bespoke spaces that transcend expectations. We guide the process and work closely with clients, craftsmen and designers to marry vision with reality, and ensure that the details are in good hands.  

Designer Highlight

Christophe Delcourt

French-born Christophe Delcourt graduated from Paris’ Cours Florent in 1988 and studied at the Theatre Ecole du Passage in 1989. Committed to designing furniture and objects, Delcourt opened his first studio in the Marais area of Paris in 1998.

Since then, he has designed for restaurants, hotels and boutiques and has exhibited furniture and lamps at Joyce Gallery in Paris. Over the past decade, his Paris-based firm has produced some of the most coveted and influential furniture of the new millennium.

Each piece bearing the Delcourt Collection stamp stands as testament to the integral relationship between the designer’s hand and the one of the craftsman: a French excellency which favors discretion over ostentatious effects, but has none the less become a true signature. Without ever relying on artifice, the hand lets the material speak. It tames its apparent rigor only to reveal its softness, the freedom, and versatility it offers, while preserving its unique character.

Brand Highlight


TRIBU elevates the outdoor experience. Exclusive, modern, outdoor furniture: this is the field of distinction of Belgian design house Tribù. In the early nineties, Tribù was a pioneer of the philosophy that the terrace and garden should be seen as extensions of the house. Strengthened by its years of experience, this family-run design house has grown to become an internationally acclaimed brand. Luxury outdoor furniture from Tribù is now distributed in more than 60 countries and belongs to the best in the industry.



A team of skilled local artisans are the core of Indigenous. Utilizing raw materials and FSC-certified hardwood, all Indigenus planters are sourced and handmade in South Africa. Sustainability and craftmanship come together to form a distinct process culminating in sculptural planters for residential and hospitality environments in a variety of climates.

A New Gallery Experience

5oz. is an unconventional gallery experience designed around a highly personal, relationship-based approach connecting art lovers with established international artists, all within the context of the Avenue Road spaces.

Forest management with local committees

Reflection and Contribution with WeForest

As we embark on a new year, full of possibilities, we are more mindful than ever of providing a sustainable future for our clients, collaborators, and for ourselves. The way we see it, being active participants in both our local and global communities requires a responsibility to nurture and support the health of those communities, something we have always been conscious of. With this in mind, we support programs and initiatives designed to have a lasting and wide-reaching positive impact for generations to come.
 Miami Beach Bungalow
Location Highlight

Miami Beach Bungalow

Next door to the Villa, conceived as a place to work collaboratively with clients and to provide an even greater breadth of products on display, the Bungalow does this with a distinct point of view.