New Destinations

Letter from the Editor

Returning from 3daysofdesign, we are brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm. At the heart of Europe’s bourgeoning design fair, was a shared passion for innovation, sustainable design, and community. In addition to dozens of European and Scandinavian brands, our exhibiting partners include; MAN OF PARTS, Pulpo, Zietraum, Sahco, M2R, Zanat, Collection Particulière, Classicon, and Indigenus. As a brand deeply invested in creativity and detailed craftsmanship, it was inspiring to engage with our partners and connect over our shared values.

We cannot wait to infuse our experiences and the innovative spirit of Copenhagen into our work. Our teams in New York, Toronto, Miami Beach, Vancouver, and Dallas will soon feel the ripple effect of the ideas exchange, as we bring back fresh ideas and new introductions.

Stephan Weishaupt

Man of Parts Recent Introductions

Praia da Granja
Side Tables
Sandy Cove
Lounge Chairs
Rua Leblon
Lounge Chairs
In Attendance


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Bespoke Design

Our collaborative approach to design services ensures every project is a seamless blend of artistry and functionality, delivering bespoke spaces that transcend expectations. We guide the process and work closely with clients, craftsmen and designers to marry vision with reality, and ensure that the details are in good hands.  

Designer Highlight

Simone Coste

Brazilian Simone Coste is a multidisciplinary artist, jewelry and furniture designer. Contemporary, philosophical and timeless, she permeates all forms of art. Printing a unique style that can be felt in all hear creations Simone builds forms through her inside universe in bronze, stones, resin, and other special materials. “I define my work as spiritual, an internal calling with the result delivering a truly sensory experience” - Simone Coste

Brand Highlight

Delcourt Collection

Christophe Delcourt is not only a committed and daring designer, he also is an ardent defender of French craft industry. He launched his own furnishing company in the late 90’s and soon stood out with his pieces of furniture combining elegant lines and raw materials. Christophe Delcourt knows that the acquisition of a piece of furniture is “a long term investment, a true companion for life”.


A New Gallery Experience

5oz. is an unconventional gallery experience designed around a highly personal, relationship-based approach connecting art lovers with established international artists, all within the context of the Avenue Road spaces.

Brand Highlight


Established in 2006 by Patrick and Ursula L’hoste, German design brand Pulpo has been producing unique, decorative and highly-functional products for just short of ten years.

Forest management with local committees

Reflection and Contribution with WeForest

As we embark on a new year, full of possibilities, we are more mindful than ever of providing a sustainable future for our clients, collaborators, and for ourselves. The way we see it, being active participants in both our local and global communities requires a responsibility to nurture and support the health of those communities, something we have always been conscious of. With this in mind, we support programs and initiatives designed to have a lasting and wide-reaching positive impact for generations to come.
Location Highlight

Toronto Brickyard

A sense of discovery and intimacy in this low-slung Victorian warehouse with a pared-back industrial envelope, just East of Downtown Toronto.