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Letter from the Editor

The concept behind Avenue Road was first conceived of during a meeting in Richard Meier’s now-iconic 176 Perry Street building in New York City. Like Meier’s trademark of ‘Perry Street’, the moniker Avenue Road was chosen for its cosmopolitan Uptown/Downtown feel and the sense of intrigue created in the pairing of two street suffixes.

Rather than presenting yet another catalogue of brands, in Avenue Road I endeavor to present an edited collection, finely filtered for the present. Pieces are selected not only for their aesthetic value, but also for sustainability, integrity of craftsmanship, and the humanity of their makers.

I hope the new will help you discover unexpected design solutions and provide insight and utility.

Warmly, Stephan Weishaupt

Featured Pieces

Lounge Chairs
Lina Totem
Floor Lamps
Out of Line
Coffee Tables
Brand Highlight


Located in a studio in Notting Hill, London, Atelier001 offers collectible light sculptures and furniture pieces. With the intention that the one-offs be passed on to future generations, each is hand-finished by master artisans, who imbue objects with a unique personality.

Founded in 2019 by its creative director Eva Menz, Atelier001 is driven by her meticulous eye for detail as well as her commitment to craftsmanship. The Munich-born illumination artist began her eponymous studio in 2004, upon graduating from Central St Martins College in London. What began as a studio producing small residential-scale sculptural works quickly took on architectural dimensions, as she received a myriad of commissions for aethereal and gravity-defying pieces occupying both private and commercial spaces.

Today, Atelier001 collections can be found in beautifully designed spaces around the world, including residences, yachts and public spaces.

Designer Highlight

Bieke Casteleyn

Bieke Casteleyn is an interior designer with a passion for refinement and innovation. These ideas have been part of her philosophy since she gained her Master’s in Interior Design from Sint Lucas School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium, followed by training in product design in Milan.

In 2015 she established her eponymous brand and launched the first collection, Out of Line. Her approach is defined by the central idea of approaching things from a different perspective.


Art Consultation

5oz. A new Toronto-based gallery launching Summer 2021. Centered on individualized art-buying experiences, presenting international artists in unique and immersive contexts.

In Attendance

Sweet Sixteen

In early September of 2023, our team gathered from across North America to celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of Avenue Road. The week was designed to strengthen our bonds, foster creativity, and ignite fresh ideas. The milestone was marked by the launch of a special project our founder Stephan Weishaupt has been working on in the countryside West of Toronto.
Forest management with local committees

Reflection and Contribution with WeForest

As we embark on a new year, full of possibilities, we are more mindful than ever of providing a sustainable future for our clients, collaborators, and for ourselves. The way we see it, being active participants in both our local and global communities requires a responsibility to nurture and support the health of those communities, something we have always been conscious of. With this in mind, we support programs and initiatives designed to have a lasting and wide-reaching positive impact for generations to come.
Location Highlight

Miami Beach Villa

Designed in 1932 by Martin L. Hampton - a champion of Miami’s Art Deco vernacular, Stephan Weishaupt restored the building to its original glory, and then some. Here, clients and guests are invited to slow down and explore the world of Avenue Road in this uniquely Miami context.