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Exclusive Promotion May 21- 31, 2024

Letter from the Editor

The excitement swirls as we anticipate another year at Copenhagen’s 3daysofdesign. At the heart of Europe’s bourgeoning design fair, is a shared passion for innovation, sustainable design, and community. In addition to dozens of European and Scandinavian brands, our exhibiting partners include; MAN OF PARTS, Pulpo, Zietraum, Sahco, M2R, Zanat, Collection Particulière, Classicon, and Indigenus. As a brand deeply invested in creativity and detailed craftsmanship, this is the design event that we are most energized by.

We look forward to returning inspired from 3daysofdesign ready to share the new collections and excitement with our dedicated teams in New York, Toronto, Miami Beach, Vancouver, and Dallas.

See you in Copenhagen! Stephan Weishaupt

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Bespoke Design

Our collaborative approach to design services ensures every project is a seamless blend of artistry and functionality, delivering bespoke spaces that transcend expectations. We guide the process and work closely with clients, craftsmen and designers to marry vision with reality, and ensure that the details are in good hands.  

Designer Highlight

Fritz Haller & Paul Schaerer

Although best known today for the USM furniture system, Fritz Haller always considered himself principally as an architect. Born in Solothurn, Switzerland in 1924, Fritz Haller trained as first a draughtsman and subsequently an architect. A great influence on his approach to architecture came from year he spent in Rotterdam where he worked with Willem van Tijen and Berend Bakema, two of the most important representatives of post war modernism. Fritz Haller largely planned larger scale buildings such as schools, office buildings and industrial facilities - all characterised by a functionalism accent and a tendency to systematisation. His most famous work, the USM Haller furniture, was created in 1963. And almost by accident. Having been commissioned in 1961 to build a new office pavilion for USM, Fritz Haller then also created the office furniture. Fritz Haller died in October 2012 in Solothurn.

Brand Highlight

Man of Parts

MAN OF PARTS is a postnational design brand with inspiration from the world over. Furniture, lighting, accessories, fabrics and leathers reflect the varied inspirations and lives of globally-minded people. It also aims to match their desire for beautiful craft with a modern service experience to reflect how they define what luxury is today. Designs from Yabu Pushelberg, Sebastian Herkner, Philippe Malouin, Osvaldo Tenório and Victoria Wilmotte are crafted by makers in Europe and reflect an original but consistent approach; common traits among all are a mixture of postnational design cues, rich subtlety, soft organic minimalism and unexpected details. With a base in Germany and operations in Canada, MAN OF PARTS is as much of a global citizen as our clients.


Work from Home with USM

Finding ourselves in this unexpected time of change has led to the demand for adaptation. That means embracing new ways of working, communicating and creating—something that can be guided by design.

A New Gallery Experience

5oz. is an unconventional gallery experience designed around a highly personal, relationship-based approach connecting art lovers with established international artists, all within the context of the Avenue Road spaces.

Forest management with local committees

Reflection and Contribution with WeForest

As we embark on a new year, full of possibilities, we are more mindful than ever of providing a sustainable future for our clients, collaborators, and for ourselves. The way we see it, being active participants in both our local and global communities requires a responsibility to nurture and support the health of those communities, something we have always been conscious of. With this in mind, we support programs and initiatives designed to have a lasting and wide-reaching positive impact for generations to come.
New York Showroom
Location Highlight

New York Showroom

Located on the 5th floor above NOMAD's flower district Avenue Road's New York Showroom offers respite from the frenetic pace below.