Charles Kalpakian

After making his classes with Christophe Pillet and Ora Ito, the young designer launched his own creation studio in 2011 and quickly collaborated with numerous French and Italian manufacturers, affirming a singular style, at the crossroads of design, calligraphy and street-art culture. For Delcourt Collection, he just signed the DOT stools.

Kalpakian notes, "I think what sets me apart is foremost my work on lines, in both strict and figurative senses. First, because I like the idea of clean, precise, lines. But most of all, because I love to draw. It is a need. And also, behind, there always is the idea according to which every single piece has a beginning, and an end, that it is a series of lines and even has a life line, that it must me made in order to last. And then, my Lebanese origins have granted me quite an uninhibited approach: I have no fear of ornamentation, I am not a minimalistic person. On the contrary, I like it when there is detail."

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Charles Kalpakian pieces. 

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