Pascali Semerdjian

Domingos Pascali was born into a family of goldsmiths and graduated from the Braz Cubas School of Architecture and Urbanism in 1980. From a family of Armenian shoemakers, Sarkis Semerdjian graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at Mackenzie University in 2004.

In addition to having both been influenced from an early age by the appreciation of perfectionism, art and beauty, they also share the same references for their inspirations, which range from graphic novels and photography to Brazilian folklore. In 2010, the Pascali Semerdjian architecture office opened, where they have already developed projects for scenography, interior design, home and commercial architecture.

The duo produces original pieces that combine playfulness, sophistication, functionality and comfort.

AVENUE ROAD carries a curated assortment of Pascali Semerdjian pieces.

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