Regine Schumann

The work of Regine Schumann (1961 born in Goslar, Germany) allows an exploration in the relationship between colour, light, form and room. Utilizing industrially produced acrylic materials, almost fluorescent acrylic glass sheets that under black light come alive and turn into luminous light objects, her coloured spaces change significantly the functional realities of the space and introduce possibilities of new experiences.

With references to minimalism and concrete art Regine Schumann’s light art create real colour rooms in atmospherically charged oscillations and generates almost physical palpable experiences. The chameleon-like transformations of her light objects, perceptible in different light moods as daylight, artificial light or black light enable an ever-changing viewing experience and accentuate the relation of colour, light and surrounding space, the synchronicity of visible and invisible, visible colour illumination and invisible inner illumination.

Her installations with lustrous colour schemes generate an intoxicating, chromatic aura. Spatial installation with rows of vertical bars, a group of parallel fluorescent and reflecting panels and monumental slabs work create an altogether harmonious and graceful effect.

Regine Schumann currently lives and works in Cologne. She graduated from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig in 1989. Schumann’s work has been exhibited widely worldwide and is included in a number of permanent collections. Furthermore she received several awards and realized public projects.

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