Flavien Delbergue

Founded in 2016 by Flavien Delbergue, Studio Flavien Delbergue specializes in product design, interior architecture, hospitality, and creative and strategic direction, with clients mainly in France and Japan. The studio is renowned for its global approach, blending simplicity of design, technical expertise, strategic vision, and meticulous project management. Rooted in French values and Japanese aesthetics, it emphasizes detail and materials to instill an accurate Art of Living. The studio has received several accolades, including the 2018 Academy of Savoir-Faire by the Hermès Corporate Foundation and the 2019 Design Parade 14 finalist, and was named in the Tokyo 2020 DesignArt "Under 30" selection. In 2023, it became the first design company member of the Franco-Japanese Exchange Committee. Flavien’s immersive experience with Japanese craft houses and work at OEO Studio in Denmark deeply influenced his global design perspective, leading to the studio's creation.