Lorenzo Zanovello

Lorenzo Zanovello was born in Bassano del Grappa on October 4th 1977. Now he lives and experiments in Nove.

From an early age he began to play with the earth, a game that soon became a passion. The search for new solutions led him to experiment with other materials such as wax, wood silicone, resin and glass, but his great passion remains the OPERATED CLAY. This material lets itself be expressed without inhibitions and limits and makes the work live according to a very ancient process.

It does not fundamentally follow a very specific theme, but leaves it to the soul to convey what the mind and hands will then shape. The four elements, earth, water, air, when merged, give life to a mechanism that is sequential, rhythmic, harmonic; a process that Lorenzo, fragment by fragment, consolidates, giving shape to his works.

Side Tables
Coffee Tables