Tino Valentinitsch

In 2011 Tino Valentinitsch took over the well-known parental product and industrial design studio “Valentinitsch Design” in Vienna. Since 2004 he has lived in New York and worked for the world´s most prestigious brands, companies and agencies. Born into a designer´s family he developed a keen sense on design, fashion, art and lifestyle at an a very early stage. Over the years he has travelled to Japan, New York, China and Italy to work with the most influential people such as, Yohji Yamamoto, Helmut Lang, Donatella Versace, Richard Pandiscio, Alex Wiederin, Aldo Cibic and many others. His love for design, culture and materials makes his daily routine. Tino has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design from the University of Essen, Germany. He wrote his diploma thesis on "Aesthetics and Implicitness" and held a number of lectures and workshops in schools, museums and various companies.