Verónica Martínez

Verónica Martínez is an alchemist, artist, and creative director, based in Madrid. Her artistic journey revolves around capturing the essence of nature and the human spirit while employing a minimal material presence. Verónica obtained a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 2005 and a BA in Interior Design from Eina School in 2004. Since 2007, her innovative pieces have graced the galleries of esteemed art-design establishments, including Rossana Orlandi in Milan, Les Ateliers Courbet in New York, and Mint in London. Notably, her works, such as the award-winning SOUL Sculpture bench in 2011 and the Autumn Leaf swing in 2012, have received international acclaim. Additionally, Verónica has collaborated with renowned brands including, Cosentino, Tribú, LAB23, Groël, and more. Through her profound spiritual connection, she infuses her work with immense force, bringing balance, harmony, and inner power to the spaces they inhabit. By strategically placing her pieces and incorporating elements of minerals, numerology, and sacred geometry, Verónica generates an atmosphere of balance and harmonization.

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