• Base:Oak in Various Finishes
  • Dimensions:45cm L x 40cm W x 45cm H
  • Seat Height:45cm

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VIC Stool
  • Base: Oak in Various Finishes
VIC Stool
  • Base: Brushed Oak in Various Finishes


  • Brand:Delcourt Collection
  • Designer:François Champsaur
  • Production:Made to Order
  • Customizable Finish:N/A
  • Customizable Size:N/A
  • Customizable Upholstery:N/A
Brand Highlight

Delcourt Collection

Christophe Delcourt is not only a committed and daring designer, he also is an ardent defender of French craft industry. He launched his own furnishing company in the late 90’s and soon stood out with his pieces of furniture combining elegant lines and raw materials. Christophe Delcourt knows that the acquisition of a piece of furniture is “a long term investment, a true companion for life”.

To him, every new furniture collection is like an opportunity to reconsider his work through a slightly different point of view. Yet, the story always begins the same way, with the same passion and the same belief : everything comes from the material, the gesture and the know-how. An attention to every single detail one can read in every single piece designed by Christophe Delcourt, in his particular way to blend a certain rigour and an undeniable sensuality, in his sharp choice of wood, leather or stone. Purchasing a piece of furniture designed by Christophe Delcourt means undoubtedly choosing excellence.

Designer Highlight

François Champsaur

Whether it’s about interior, objects and furniture or graphic design, François Champsaur’s journey impresses both by its rigour as by its constance. 30 years after founding his agency, this Marseille born - trained at Paris’ Art Décoratifs - has indeed managed to impose his signature with both equal force and preciseness. An attention to details as well as to the global outcome, that granted him the realization of luxury hotels (Royal Evian, Hôtel Vernet in Paris, Maison Troisgros in Roanne, etc.), numerous private residences but also more unexpected places, even perilous, such as the prestigious Yearlings auction hall in Deauville… where he managed to create a space as spectacular as warmly welcoming. If one should give a definition of the Champsaur style in terms of objects and furniture, it would without a doubt be that way of sculpting the material, giving every single time the impression that the piece - seating, lighting, table, mirror, and library - has been drawn to be self-sufficient and be admired from every side and every angle. The interaction between the material, the colour and the object’s function never is anecdotal. This equation is, on the contrary, the starting point to the reflection which will give birth to the object or the furniture piece.

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