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New Destinations

MAN OF PARTS unveiled new designs at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. With each piece evolving from a conversation with its designer and artisans, the new introductions draw inspiration from travel memories.    

Highlighted amongst the new releases are the layering Praia da Granja tables by Studio Sebastian Herkner; the playful Via Giulia sofa by Yabu Pushelberg; and the classic Alexander Street Bench by Philippe Malouin.


By Sebastian Herkner

A preferred summer destination for Europe’s well-heeled travellers, Portugal’s Praia da Granja brings together the best of the coastline. Embraced by rugged cliffs and bordered by seaside promenades, the Praia offers a serene seaside escape. The ocean stairs leading to the Atlantic reflect the wide radius and rippled detail of Sebastian Herkner’s design. 


By Sebastian Herkner

Composed of jutting sea-cliff footpaths and clapboard houses, the offshore of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Fogo Island is set against a striking coastline. The design of Sebastian Herkner’s gathering place mimics the Cove’s curved geography.  


By Philippe Malouin

Striking an emotional connection for automotive enthusiasts, the Alexander Street design by Philippe Malouin is certain to win a place in future Concours d’Elegance. The perforated leather, lines, and ribs are evocative of the iconic leather seats of sports cars from the 20th century that the designer grew up with on Alexander Street in Montreal. This bench balances nostalgia with modernity.  


By Yabu Pushelberg

Beginning with an ivy-draped arch designed by Michelangelo, Via Giulia is a cobbled street in Rome lined end to end with churches and historic palazzo. Often contrasted with the vibrant Via del Corso, this picturesque lane invites a contemplative stroll. Yabu Pushelberg’s design shares the same intention as Michelangelo’s vision for the via—an escape from the rhythms of modern life, creating moments of genuine connection. 


By Yabu Pushelberg

Honcho Street, otherwise known as Fuji-michi, runs through “The Weaving City” of Fujiyoshida, Japan, connecting the capital of the country’s textile industry to Mount Fuji. Yabu Pushelberg’s design is an ode to the woven patterns of traditional Japanese textiles, reworked and magnified.

About the brand   

Man of Parts: A person of many talents and endeavours, they seek inspiration from the world over. 

A post-national design brand that reflects the perspectives of globally minded individuals. MAN OF PARTS is headquartered in Canada, produced in Europe, and distributed to excellent stockists and design lovers around the world.

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Simone Coste discovered her love for the arts growing up in the South of Brazil. Inspired by the tropical ecosystem she lived amongst, she developed an aptitude for drawing, painting and sculpting before going on to become a globally-recognized multidisciplinary artist, jewelry and furniture designer.