Sweet Sixteen

Celebrating 16 years of Avenue Road

In early September of 2023, our team gathered from across North America to celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of Avenue Road. The week was designed to strengthen our bonds, foster creativity, and ignite fresh ideas. The milestone was marked by the launch of a special project our founder Stephan Weishaupt has been working on in the countryside West of Toronto.

Bringing together seasoned employees and new hires, we were reminded of how far we have come. Beginning as a four-person team occupying a 3,200 sqft. gallery, we have since grown into a diverse team of almost a hundred people with representation from all continents and expanded to include showrooms, residential concept spaces, and studios in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, Miami, and Dallas.

“As I reflect on our company history, I am reminded of all we have accomplished, as a team. I wanted to personally invite all team members to come together for a shared experience. With integrity, grit, and humour, our group of talented people make things happen” - Stephan Weishaupt, Founder     

Over the span of a week, our employees bonded over touring Toronto, celebrating achievements, a presentation of our Founder’s vision for the future, shared meals, and in-person meetings. Our final day together, offered a change of scenery in the Niagra Escarpment. Bringing the team together in nature to spark creative inspiration, we spent the day enjoying an outdoor picnic, hiking the property, playing lawn games, and a seasonal dinner under the stars.   

Through coming together for the first time in years, we were reminded of our shared passion for design and belief in cultivating genuine, meaningful relationships. 


Man of Parts

MAN OF PARTS unveiled new designs at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. With each piece evolving from a conversation with its designer and artisans, the new introductions draw inspiration from travel memories.