WeForest: Sustainable Reforestation

Avenue Road's Ongoing Sustainability Vision

Working in threatened and degraded tropical and sub-tropical landscapes, WeForest develops strategies in partnership with local communities and stakeholders. Dedicated to protecting remaining intact forests by strengthening local governance and working to reduce pressure in the buffer zones, restoring degraded forest through planting and encouraging natural regeneration of native species, and establishing agroforestry systems which increase tree cover in farming landscapes and improve and sustain food, fuelwood and timber production and income generation for local families. 

A cause that is deeply connected to Avenue Road’s Sustainability Vision, we are supporting the non-profit's effort to deliver long-term transformational change as part of a ten-year commitment, beginning in 2020. In addition to educational initiatives, we have been able to support rehabilitating over 249 hectares of land, planting over 318,700 trees to date. In September 2023, Founder, Stephan Weishaupt, visited the WeForest team in Malawi to join their initiatives.

In addition to re-forestation projects, WeForest’s community outreach includes supporting the growth of women-led micro-businesses, such as mushroom production, small livestock and mangrove products, and beekeeping. WeForest provides training, guidance, and equipment to catalyze local business with long-term social impact.  

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