• Base:Lacquered Wood in Various Colors
  • Surface:Lacquered Wood in Various Colors
  • Dimensions:186cm L x 102cm W x 73cm H

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YBU Desk
  • Base: Lacquered Wood in Various Colors
  • Surface: Lacquered Wood in Various Colors
YBU Desk
  • Base: Oak in Various Finishes
  • Surface: Oak in Various Finishes


  • Brand:Delcourt Collection
  • Designer:Jean-Pierre Tortil
  • Production:Made to Order
  • Customizable Finish:Available
  • Customizable Size:Available
  • Customizable Upholstery:N/A
  • Sustainable Certificates:FSC Certified Wood
Brand Highlight

Delcourt Collection

Christophe Delcourt is not only a committed and daring designer, he also is an ardent defender of French craft industry. He launched his own furnishing company in the late 90’s and soon stood out with his pieces of furniture combining elegant lines and raw materials. Christophe Delcourt knows that the acquisition of a piece of furniture is “a long term investment, a true companion for life”.

To him, every new furniture collection is like an opportunity to reconsider his work through a slightly different point of view. Yet, the story always begins the same way, with the same passion and the same belief : everything comes from the material, the gesture and the know-how. An attention to every single detail one can read in every single piece designed by Christophe Delcourt, in his particular way to blend a certain rigour and an undeniable sensuality, in his sharp choice of wood, leather or stone. Purchasing a piece of furniture designed by Christophe Delcourt means undoubtedly choosing excellence.

Designer Highlight

Jean-Pierre Tortil

Interior designer, scenographer, designer, Jean-Pierre Tortil is a complete artist. He is also and foremost a hard worker and a true passionate of know-how and innovation. Tortil exercised his talents in various galleries specializing in decorative arts and furniture, as well as at Ecart International, after a defining encounter with the immense Andrée Putman. In the early 2000s, Christophe Delcourt’s and his own paths crossed in the workshop of the artisans both men collaborate with, without even knowing it. A coincidence which will give birth to a piece that has now become emblematic of the maison d’édition’s catalog : the YBU table.

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