Avenue Road Editions

Under the direction of founder Stephan Weishaupt’s uncommon vision, this collection has proceeded not by chasing trends or with outright opulence, but by recruiting a tightly knit group of collaborators who produce lovingly crafted furniture and accessories with clean lines and a sculptural quality that makes them immediate classics. Through prizing objects with intriguing back stories and an unmistakable sense for the handmade, he seeks out and develops original, timeless creations.

The brand’s distinctive take on tailored elegance. Overall, the achieved aesthetic is fluid and cohesive. Rather than adding elements for the sake of decoration, they do the opposite, slicing away extraneous details in search of purer expression, even as they innovate with form, material, and manufacturing.

Ultimately, this exploration reveals that Avenue Road is not merely a business, or just a network of international suppliers. It is a group of dedicated designers and longtime friends who, in a world dominated by generic mass production, share the same aspirations and passion for craftsmanship. The objects they produce are rare creations worth keeping for the long haul. Avenue Road’s name may evoke visions of travel, but the pieces it delivers make staying home that much more appealing.