Warchavchik Tea Trolley

  • Frame:Wood
  • Surface:Wood in Various Finishes
  • Dimensions:98cm L x 49.4cm W x 80.5cm H


  • Brand:Etel
  • Designer:Gregori Warchavchik
  • Production:Made to Order
  • Customizable Finish:N/A
  • Customizable Size:N/A
  • Customizable Upholstery:N/A
Brand Highlight


The Design Collection comprises one century of Brazilian furniture. With its pioneering reedition work, ETEL brings back graceful designs of the modern Brazilian production - which was only discovered lately and is now considered as one of the most relevant worldwide for that period. Pieces characterized by skillful handiwork and the use of exquisite materials, created by architects and artists intent on unveiling the local culture, under the influence of the international avant-garde. This retrieval is based on a strict methodology, faithfulness to the originals, and intensive collaboration with the institutes and families that represent each creator’s oeuvre. The collection includes pieces by Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin, Sergio Rodrigues, Oswaldo Bratke, Branco & Preto and Giuseppe Scapinelli, among others. The modern legacy continues with remarkable contemporary creators such as Isay Weinfeld, Arthur de Mattos Casas, Claudia Moreira Salles, Carlos Motta, Etel Carmona, Lia Siqueira and Dado Castello Branco.

Designer Highlight

Gregori Warchavchik

Born in 1896 in Odessa, Ukraine, Warchavchik moved to Brazil in 1923 and published the country’s first manifesto on Modern architecture. He’s known as the country’s earliest Modernist architect. An important pioneer in the development of Brazilian Modern design, he criticized the use of ornaments, favoring instead solid straight lines. He created modern and functional pieces that still carried a sensual and poetic quality.

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