Bow No. 4

  • Base:Burnished Brass
  • Surface:Black Lacquered Glass
  • Dimensions:100cm L x 100cm W x 19cm H

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Bow Coffee Table No.4
  • Base: Burnished Brass
  • Surface: Black Lacquered Glass
Bow Coffee Table No.4
  • Base: Brass
  • Surface: Black Lacquered Glass

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  • Brand:ClassiCon
  • Designer:Guilherme Torres
  • Production:Made to Order
  • Customizable Finish:N/A
  • Customizable Size:N/A
  • Customizable Upholstery:N/A
Brand Highlight


The ClassiCon brand stands for quality, individuality and a timeless aesthetic—regardless of passing fashions. More important than the degree of fame achieved by the designer is a demonstrated fascination with new formal concepts. This focus helps ClassiCon to continually discover exciting young designers. In the case of Konstantin Grcic, this has resulted in a longstanding collaboration, which the Munich designer took advantage of right from the start by including references to the iconic Eileen Gray in his Orcus secretary. ClassiCon produces and sells the Eileen Gray Collection as worldwide licensee of Aram Designs Ltd, London. In the early 1970s, Eileen Gray began to collaborate with Zeev Aram to develop her furniture and lamps for series production. In 1973 Eileen Gray signed a Worldwide contract with Aram Designs, London, to bring her designs into production for the first time. The ClassiCon signature provides a guarantee that only high-grade materials and methods are used in production – meeting all ecological requirements – and that every piece of furniture has passed strict quality control. Their logo offers the assurance that each limited edition is an authentic replica of the original, made with the consent of the rights holders.

Designer Highlight

Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres was born in Londrina, Brazil, and completed his studies at UNIFIL University in 1998. In 2001 he founded his first studio; in 2010 he moved with his studio to Sao Paolo. In 2017, Guilherme Torres expanded his studio with an additional mainstay in New York.

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